Hey guys. Im thinkin of buyin a 7 piece Pearl SLX Session Elite, 2nd hand..I wana know everything about this exact make of kit.
Coz im not sure about it.The dealer assures me its all maple shells.
I need to know if basically its a good kit or not, and why.
Please any help would be much appreciated.
Thanx :oops:


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lol ;) I'm not an expert I just happen to own a Session Elite 20x16" kick drum.
AFAIK - those drums are made of birch/mahoganny. Still, the sound is very good - I don't know about the toms and the snares, but my kick gives a nice round punchy sound. Those drums were made somewhat between 94-97 and vere pro/semi-pro just as today's session series (the only "better" drumes were masters)

I have an SLX catalog in .pdf if you want I can mail it to you (just PM me with your e-mail address).