need help with music audition


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Ok so ive been playin drums now for about id say a year and a halfish and im going to be trying out for five towns college music program which of course works with audition

I Need 2 different styles of songs, i need to solo, show wirebrush skills, and show rudiments

ive been working on wirebrushing i think i can handle thatsoloing ive been using ray luziers dvd which has helped tremendously rudiments i always work on and im pretty solid

but the songs i really dont know. its a jazz type school so road runner united songs lol r jusssssssst a bit out of the question. i dont even know if funk would be acceptable.

I really wanna get into this school but i need help with that anyone whos ever auditioned at a college or knows of people who have what should i do to impress the judges


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BillRayDrums":rvpzdkoo said:
If you sit down and play solid and with passion, you'll get in.
I'll second that!!
Choose the 2 best songs you know cold and play with passion... they're really looking at who you are instead of what they expect you to be.

Good luck