need help buying EMAD


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I just bought a PDP LX maple kit and I want to change the stock bass drum heads.

I've been thinking about getting the EMAD batter and the EMAD resonant heads. I'm looking for a punchy tone for modern hard rock (Tool, Alter Bridge, etc...)

Should I buy both EMADs or should I get the batter EMAD and the Evans EQ3?

If I get both EMADs, should I use a small pillow or not?

If I get the EQ3 resonant and EMAD batter, should I use a small pillow or not?

help me out guys, btw... im new here:D


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I found that my stock resonant head sounded fine. What you can try is switching the batter head to an EMAD, then cut a port hole in the stock resonant head. Then, you can put the desired amount of stuffing in the kick without taking the head on and off repeatedly. Also, google the Drum Tuning Bible for tips on how to get the exact kick sound you want. I followed that guide, and with stock resonant head, a sweatshirt, and a SK II, I got my ideal kick sound fairly easily.

Best of luck!