Need An Appraisal


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Hey everyone, im selling my kit and i need an Appraisal on how much i should sell it for..also if anyones interested message me

(Solid Black Finish)
22" Mapex Tornado Bass Drum w/ mounts
12" Mapex Tornado Tom
13" Mapex Tornado Tom
16" Mapex Tornado Floor Tom
Mapex Tornado Snare


12",13",16" Remo Weatherking Ebony Pinstripe Heads
Remo Ambassador Emporer X Snare Head
22" Aquarian Force Batter Bass Head w/ Kick Pad


1 Mapex Tornado High Hat Stand w/stock pedal
1 Mapex Tornado Straight Stand
2 Ludwig Boom Stands
1 Sonor Boom Stand
1 Pulse Pro Double Bass Pedal


1 14" Zildjian ZBT High-Hats
1 16" Zildjian ZBT Crash
1 20" Zildjian ZBT Ride
1 12" Zildjian ZXT Fast Splash
1 14" Sabian AA Metal-x High Hats
1 16" Sabian AA Metal-x Crash
1 20" Sabian AA Metal-x Ride


1 Sabian Cymbal Hardshell Carrying Case
1 Zildjian Cymbal Soft Carrying Case
I just added this up using my own judgement and I would say, if you're gonna sell it all together, probably somewhere between $900 and $1000. I wouldn't really know, I've only been playing drums for about 5 years and I don't know much about Mapex.


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Mapex Tornado drum kit - you can buy it new for btween 250-350 bucks

heads you can really expect to try to charge extra for unless they are new and in the boxes.

Ludwig boom stand average around 50 bucks for lower line ones.

sonor booms stands i've picked up already for about 35 bucks

14" zbt hi hats- 100 bucks

16" zbt crash- 65 bucks

20" zbt ride- 95 bucks

16" zxt fast splash- 60 bucks

sabian hi hats- 250 bucks

sabian crash- 160 bucks

sabian ride- 219 bucks

sabian cymbal case- around 70 bucks

zildjian case- around 50 bucks.

so everything brand new would be around $1454.... now remember, thats if everything was brand new. you have to take into consideration that you need to knock some cash off because they arent brand new and you also have to remember that when selling something new on your own you relaly have to give someone a good deal for them to buy it from you rather than check ebay or something.

which trying to sell things individually on ebay would probably bring you in the most money.

so going by that, i'd recommend you try to sell the whole package for around 800 if everything is still in good condition (no dents or scratches on the drums, no oxidation on the cymbals, no cracking or spider webbing of the cymbals). you can start at 1000 bucks but if someone offers you a little less than i'd take it unless you have a ton of people interested in everything.

but to be honest, you might be able to get more if you try to sell things seperatley or sell like hi hat, crash, ride packs and stuff like that.

maybe even take the cheap stuff and put a kit together and try to sell that. like the mapex kit, the stands and the zbt's and the pedal and sell it for 500 bucks.


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thank you very very much you guys..i really had no idea where to start, i think il post it on ebay with a buy now for 1000 or so..and then possibly go down to around 750-800..or try and sell individually but that might be harder