Need advice on kit I wanna buy- these are the pics


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Hello everyone--can anyone help me outNeed your advice on something, I just sold my kit a few weeks ago and am looking for another one, I just ran across this kit, and the guy is asking $900 for it, what do you think, its in great shape.

5 piece Rockstar Tama Drumkit
Snare is a Yamaha Custom Sounds and all toms and bass drum are professionally muffled
1 Complete Gibraltar Racksystem
2 set of hi-hats, a Sabian 14" B8 Pro and a Brand New Sabian 14" B8
1 Sabian AAX Dark Crash 15"
1 Sabian B8 16" Thin Crash
1 Sabian B8 20" Ride
1 Sabian B8 18" China
1 Sabian Pro 10" China Splash
1 Sabian B8 10" Splash

1 gibraltar hi-hat stand
1 set of Pro TKO Percussion (double chain) double bass pedal.
All the arms (5) for the Gibraltar Rack including an extra Clam.
1 Clip and Grab clip for sticks
1 Case for all the cymbals.



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i wouldnt pay 900 for it...its nothing more than a beginner kit in my cymbals, not real expensive drums, and what the hell are "professionally muffled" drums? to me they look like the remo foam muffling inserts, but i could be wrong. i wouldnt buy them but its not up to me as im not searching for a new set.


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i aint too quick on USD but $900 is roughly about £450 putting like tha t yeah i would pay about £400max so try and take it to around 750 - 800. good luck.

thats if your a beginner - average drummer. if not i wouldnt bother the pedal doesnt have a plate on the bottom so will be lousy if your a hard hitter. dunno what the heads are but probably need replaced. the kit looks like a good cleaning is in order. the hihat looks a bit flimsy. so an upgrade to harder thicker hardware.

i dunno if you have a biginner kit then i would go for it. but if not i wouldnt bother.


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There's tons of Tam Rockstar stuff on eBay for pretty low bucks. Even when you consider the gibralt er rack that is included in your deal and the semi-pro cymbals, $900.00 for that whole setup seems a little bit steep. I'd offer the guy 650 for the whole kit and if he says no, I'd keep looking, I think you can do better for the $$$

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Yeah this is not a good deal.

You can do much better.

I wouldnt even make a counter offer. If he wants 900 he overvalues this kit to the point iw would be pointless to negotiate.

Dont get too anxious. Wait it out.. .fine a good deal. Dont be sorry afterwards.

For 930 you could have this:

Gretsch Drums Catalina Ash Fusion Shell Pack with Free 8 Tom ... sku=445671

With This: ... sku=448968

Hardware Pack

And this: ... ku=445950X

Thats new. And a better kit.