Need advice about 1962 Rogers drum set


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I’m hoping someone will be able to help me. I am the original owner of a 4-piece Rogers Holiday Black Onyx Pearl drum set purchased in 1962 when I was 14 years old, with an upgrade in 1962 to a wood Black Onyx 5x14 Dyna Sonic snare drum shortly thereafter. The number on the oval plate of the Dyna Sonic is 2076 and back then they had just come out and it had to be special ordered in Black Onyx. There are yellow stickers in the other drums and the numbers seem to be in the 20-thousands.

The bass drum is 20”, the small tom is 8 x 12, and the floor tom is 14 wide x 16 deep which I understand is somewhat rare. They are all original and in good condition. The edge hoop of the bass drum has some problems with the small black onyx strip, and the onyx has yellowed a bit. Aside from that they are all original with no problems. They all have new heads put on in 1988. At that time, we replaced a couple of broken lugs with original parts ordered from Al Drew’s music who apparently bought out a bunch of Rogers stuff from the factory. All lugs and hardware are therefore fine. All the drums have been stored in Tuxedo cases and totally untouched since then.

It has a knobby cymbal stand, and a swiv-o-matic holder for the small tom-tom, a Rogers hi-hat, and a dynasonic bass pedal. The cymbals are not in good condition. There are also some original Rogers drumsticks and other minor accessories.

The set was purchased at Music City in Philadelphia which was the home of the Philadelphia drum club and a major Rogers dealer (Ellis Tollin and ?? Welch were the owners.).

I ran into a local drummer/collector who offered me $1,000 for the set which I know is way low and didn't consider, but I have no idea of what it is worth. Unseen, would anyone be able to assist with some general advice/value range for the 4-piece set with the accessories? I know it is advisory only as I haven’t yet posted a photo, but any unofficial help you can provide would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

Tony K (now in Orlando, Florida)



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Your 1962 kit is very desirable, especially because you have both of the elusive items that are pretty rare all by themselves.

The kit might technically be called a "Delta" kit, not a "Holiday" because you have the 14" floor tom. That's pretty good news, actually because the sizes of 20,12,14 with a matching snare is ALMOST as good as it gets as far as value. An 18" kick would drive the price through the roof. Your kit has what are known as "bread and butter" tension casings, and they are often cracked because they were stamped out of sheet stock instead of being cast. This is a problem if you have cracks, and it can effect the value of your kit rather immensely. If they are in good shape with no cracks they are quite valuable. You have to look VERY closely for cracks to determine the condition. Look at the TOP and BOTTOM of the tension casing where the tension rods enter the casings. This is where they split.

Now, regarding value. Lets talk about the kit and the snare as separate items. The kit, which is your bass drum, rack tom and floor tom along with the knobby cymbal mount, floor tom legs and the swiv-o-matic tom holder is worth between $1400.00 (U.S.) and $2400.00 (U.S.) depending on condition. This is making the following assumptions that you can clarify for us: The floor tom is probably 14"x14". To determine that it is indeed 14x14 you should carefully remove a head and measre the actual height of the shell. I have had several people tell me they have 14x16 toms because they measured from rim to rim for the height. I've never seen a 16" deep 14" tom in any rogers catalog and I just verified that before posting this. The second thing you need to look at is the knobby mounts on the bass drum and floor tom legs... they should NOT rotate. If they rotate, the value drops. Third, look VERY closely at the finish. The Onyx wraps often have spilts in them from shrinkage. Don't worry TOO much about the bass drum hoops, but on the floor tom and bass drum shells this is pretty common. Lastly, do you have the ORIGINAL Rogers Logo Head on the front of the bass drum. Assuming that all of these things are in good order and the tension casings are not cracked, then your kit is in the range I listed above.

Now to the snare drum. The wood Dynasonic is a highly regarded instrument by players and collectors. The value is going to be based on how badly somebody wants it that is looking for a snare to match their kit! Condition is everything, and the more rare the finish is, the more it will sell for. I would NOT sell it with the kit. If the drum is immaculate, you could fetch between $1000 and $1500 (U.S.) for it, depending on the person buying it. If the drum has issues it will be a bit lower, but I've seen beat-up wood dyna sonics sell for 750-800 and even higher.

Again... look for those cracked tension casing and hardware flaws. Most drums from the era have this problem... if yours don't have the issues, then you're sitting on a VERY valuable kit. A dealer will want to pay you HALF or less for it, and they have that right. they are trying to make a buck as well. Selling it on Ebay will be your best bet, and don't forget to put a reserve price on it at the lower values I listed. Selling the drums together will likely lower your net sale price. If you do list them on ebay, make sure that snare drum auction ends at least an hour after the kit, so the buyer of the kit will bid on the snare drum after winning the kit!

Anyway, your whole kit, snare drum included is worth from 2400 to 3900 together, depending on condition, so you did good by turning down the 1000 dollar offer! I hope this information was helpful.