Need a new pedal...


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Axis A Longboard - these are the standard for high-quality, super-fast pedals (don't buy Axis from MF's, Axis users will tell you where to get them cheaper) ... sku=446354

PDP B.O.A - my personal favorite, super smooth, totally silent, fewer parts (less parts to fail). Similar to Axis and Trick ... sku=445146

Trick Pro 1-V Detonator - very similar to Axis, you'd have to talk to the Trick users to get a good definition of the difference, and the pro and cons of Tricks ... sku=445505


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do not buy those pedals. you can't ajust the beater angle at all. and theyre terrible pedals in general. if your on a tight budget go the the pearl p120.

Empyrean Drums

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Yeah, they're serious junk. I have one for my practice pads, one of the springs broke about a month after I bought it and I had to epoxy the bass drum clamp back together