need a little clarification from the saluda guys


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i emailed jamie about trading my old cymbals that i never use for a little bit of a discount of a new crash and he got me a reply but im a little questioning now...

i told him that i was looking for a dark crash with a medium length sustain, and i wanted something that would open up quickly so i told him that i was thinking a medium thin or medium cymbal would be close to what i was looking for, and preferably something in a 17".

he replied that i was looking for a mist x medium thin 17", as long as im not a really heavy hitter. ive listen to some mist brilliant medium sound clips and i like what i heard, but reading some info on i saw that the mist x series was the brightest of them all, and thats against the first stipulaiton of what i was looking for, something dark. i was looking on drumgear and the hybrid x sounds like a good option for me but there arent any sound clips for them.

so what am i looking for? saluda has 8 or 10 different categories for cymbals and i only know that im not searching for something in the voodoo series (well, when i replace my chinas maybe......). any help would be very appreciated.

remember, something dark, medium sustain and even decay, fast response.



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If you're looking for something fast, dark, and somewhat complex, check out the Saluda Diamond line. I have 3 18" Diamond crashes, all 3 different weights and sounds, and they are amazing. You may want to ask Jamie if he has any Medium-Thin or Thin Diamond series crashes laying about. Tell him that I sent you. Word.


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I have 2 18" Mist-X crashes... each one tuned/lathed differently (one high, one low). The low tuned Mist-X has a lot of dark undertones with a brilliant/bright attack - very musical. I think your requirement of "fast response" led Jamie to sway you down the road of the Mist-X line.?.?.

The top side of my hats is a 14" Diamond, and Kevin is right, you might want to try the Diamond line... it will be a little "darker". If you get one that is medium/medium-thin, it would probably be in line with a Zildjian K (if you need a big 3 to compare to).

The cool thing about ordering from Saluda... if you are not happy, they will make you happy. Jamie understands that you are ordering your cymbal "blind" (deaf would make more sense :? ) and he will get you what you want.

Good Luck!


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thanks guys. i think ill go ahead and order the mist x and see if its what im looking for, and if not ill write him back and get something else. i was originally thinking sabian hh - esqe crash, but saluda is a lot cheaper than the hh and i think i may be just as happy with one.

ill let you know how it goes.