Neal Peart


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I am a huge fan of his. I was watching his anatomy of a drum solo dvd and i fell in love w/ his set. I don't need the keyboard and I already have the acustic. Dose anyone think I should just stay w/ my pearl set or do u think its a good idea to get the electric? If so, what electric set should I look for?


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mix them, I often mix my Pearl with my Roland TD6V and i think it sounds and looks neat. whatever electric set you get, whether the older TD6V or the newer TD12K, you should get a Roland.. they're tons better than other electric sets in my oppinion =)


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I don't think it is honestly possible for anyone to think or know what you should do. We do not know your circumstances or desires. Do you want an electronic kit? If so, there are many to choose from.

There is actually a new forum here dedicated to such kits. Perhaps you could begin the first thread.


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yeah i know it's neil, but who cares, we should notice his elegant drummin abillities. and his last name is pronounced "Peert" not "pert". Just to clear things up.