NAMM Role call


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I know Atmerrill wil be there but is anyone else going? I'll be there wandering the halls Saturday probably hanging out at the Drumnetics booth or Ford, or Rockett Drumworks. I'll be the tattooed wookie with a nose ring.


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I'll be there the whole time, mostly wandering. I do have a few autograph sessions:

Friday, 1pm at Ludwig

Saturday, 1pm at Ludwig, 3pm at Sabian

Come say hi! (I'll have photos at Ludwig!)



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I mean everyone ELSE's kits, you know, so we can make fun of them for not being as pretty at the Medicine Mans.


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I was planning on sitting this one out, 2 years in a row might kill me~
just got an invitation to play at the Westone booth though, really regretting not pulling a badge now...