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So, I'm a new drummer. I actually play guitar very heavily, but for my band my members want me to learn to play drums so we can all play all the parts to any song. I just bought a set from one of my bandmates, but it's definitely a crap beginner set (which I have no problem with since I don't plan on getting an expensive set any time soon). The set is a Sound Percussion set with Remo heads. i was wondering if there was anything I could do to increase the sound quality of the drums in general. I have my bass dampened with a pillow, but the sound just kinda stops (although it has a good tone) and I really have to stomp on the pedal to get any heard sound from it. My toms ring like no other (which, once again, I'm a N00B, so I wouldn't know if that's good or not), and I would like a dead thump from them. I would assume that I would have to buy dampeners for them but I figured I'd throw it in nonetheless.

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if youre playing drums in a band you want as much natureal volume and tone as you can push from your drums. you think you want your toms to be dead thumps but you really dont because if you play in a band and your toms are dead they wont be heard int the mix. first, take the pillow out of your bass and reaplace the head with an evans emad, and get an impact patch so you dont break through the head....bass heads are not cheap and you wont want to replace them once a week because you dont protect it. the emad has foam dampening rings that give your drum better depth and tone while reataining the volume. for the toms pick up some evans ec2s (again, not cheap but worth it for the sound advantage) and really take the time to tune them and the reso (bottom) heads so that you get a full tone out of them without the overtones (ring). someone here will post the drum tuning bible page...read through it and it will help tremendously. ive never personally read it but i still learned, through trial and error, how to change the sound of my drums. work with your drums to get as much resonance as ou can out of them because resonance is what will get you heard, it is what give that full tone you hear on recordings. the quality of your drums doesnt allow for nearly as much resonance as high end drums so youll be getting a closer sound to what you want natrually. also, dont muffle your toms because it decreases the volume and takes away from the tone. youre a beginner so this might not make a lot of sense right now but as you play more and read more of the forums youll begin to understand what im talking about. i know that being on forums has helped me tremendously to understand more that i ever thought i could about drums and playing.