[mydrumsareguns] - DW Pacific CX


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this is one of the 1st series of pacific cx series made by dw. 10" 12" 14" toms, 14" snare, 22"-18" bass drum, elictric pad with Roland td-6 brain(used for bass drops). Zildjian custom Z 18" rock crash, 19" projection crash, 20" medium crash, 20" Zildjian china boy high, 6" Zildjian zil-bel, 14" paiste dimensions power hi-hat. dw5000 double bass pedal, pacific and pearl hardware.



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Neat set! I'm diggin' that finish(especially with that white kick reso head) and your cymbals! I hope it sounds just as goog as it looks :)


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awesome set, cymbals. Not a fan of the head you have on your snare. I used to used one and it jst deadened my old Rogers' metal snare. It could've been how I was tuning my drums at the time though. I was young.

Anyways, Awesome looking kit!!!!


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Nice one! and im not sayin that cause i got the same drum but cause i really love them. I noticed that you monted youre toms with a clamp on a stand wich i do also but i gave it a bit more stability by putting the tom holder rod in seperate legs from a cymbal stand.