My Sonor Kit


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Hey Guys, just joined so here's my kit :p

Its a Sonor Force 2006 Special Edition with all Meinl Byzance cymbals

Meant to be a 6 piece drum kit but I like the 4 drum set up :)

Gibraltar Double Kick

Gibraltar Rack

22" x 18" Bass
14" Snare
13" Tom
16" Floor Tom

13" Fusion Hats
10" Splash
16" Med Thin Crash
17" Thin Crash
18" Med Thin Crash
18" China
20" Ping Ride


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Welcome to the forums, Mongore!

Amazing kit you have there :) Byzances are great cymbals<green with envy>


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anavrinIV":3rfd8i3b said:
very nice cymbals.
Thanks, Little more pricey than the A Custom, but I think they sound better.

Drum gear so VERY expensive over here as it takes a while to get over here to New Zealand =/ But proud I managed to get a fantastic cymbal collection :)