My Rockstar DX (Cherry Monster)


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I bought this kit in May and said that I was going to put pics up, unfortunately my camera broke... BUT! I got a new one and here are some pics of my drums.



10"x13" Rack tom
12"x13" Rack tom
13"x14" Rack tom
16"x18" Floor tom
18"x22" Bass drum


8" ZBT Splash
16" ZBT Crash
14" ZHT Crash
20" ZBT Ride

Heres some Pics for you guys :p :

There, not the best pictures but I know my drums sound good and thats all that mater :p Oh, and sorry that the rooms a little messy :p



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If you didn't know these are TAMA Rockstar DX's for the 90's.
Oh, and I have 1 CB hightom but it stills suits it nicely.

I need new heads and I know that, I will be getting new ones soon.
I have a new cymbal setup and I will be getting more cymbals later on as I am a little low on cash right now but I will be getting some more cymbals later on..

I played a few songs with my fathers band on the weekend, I was using there actual drummer's drums but once we get the songs up you can take a listen to hear me place..



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I dig most def. my first kit was a green CB 5pc. kit came with 14" mx hats and 18" mx crash/ride,. still use the 18". sold the kit to my friend tho...but its back at my house since he moved in with me.


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Yeah, I baught a Evans Hydraulic for my 6" drum, it gives it sort of a 70's 80's rock sound, good head.
I Like the Evans g2's I have now but they are old and like I have already said I need new heads, so, I don't know why he would have to yell that at me, maybe I don't have enought money for 6 new heads right now :p