My regular gig cymbals

Andy Jessop

New member
My cymbal set I Have had a set of Zildjian 14" Quick beats since i bought them off a mate for £70 that included a 20" Earth Ride that I just loved.That cymbal is indistructable my old bass player was helping me load up at the end of the night my cymbal bag split and the cymbal hit the floor and rolled down the road with me running after it. I acquired these back in 1994 in my commercial A&R Rock faze with a band called Un-Faith....I also used on my basic set back then and do today a paste 1000 bronze 16" crash that is just a great cymbal its warm responsive and great for stabb's or cershendo's, I also use a sabien 16" rock crash which is bright responsive and equaly good to ride the bell. That cymbal is a surviver it out lived all my Sabien B8s and two cymbal bags due to cracks. That leaves my Avedis 20" Medium Ride that is just indistructable. I recently Acquired new two A Custom Zildjians a 15" and a 17" thin to complete the set up.On my close Hi-Hat stand i have a pair of Meinl heavey 14" hats. So 2x14" Hats, 15"crash 2"x16" crash's both very different in sound,17" thin Crash and two Rides i know use either end of the kit.