My Pulse kit


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14" Hi-hat
16" Crash
18" Crash/Ride
12" Sabian AA Splash

PDP DP402 Double Bass Pedal
All pulse Stands
Pearl CH70 Arm from 18" Ride to Sabian Splash.

I ordered some Ambassadors for my resonant heads, and some Remo Pinstripes for the beaters... I'll take a pic when that gets here and it will be all black and fresh... haha



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That's a pretty neat kit :) Are you comfotable with your toms positioned as they are in the pics? Ohh, and nice splash :)


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Well I've played around with them, and tried to get them closer. Unfortunately I'd have to raise them even more - which makes it hard for me to go from the snare to the toms quickly... but I've gotten used to this so it's not so bad...

Haha yeah that splash is my favorite cymbal...


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One idea you can try if you want is to pull your tom mounts up really high and almost angle the arms more tomords you and downward can get them really close. If you have to pull up your snare amd floor tom up try that. I changed my set like this and didn't really like it at first, but after awhile i really started to like it. Just an idea i thought you might want to try. Okay, later on man.


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I used to have the same problem, But you can get a tom stand or a rack and mont them babys right next to each other


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That was my first kit. I got my through my first 4 years of playing. The hardware does suck, the pedal falls apart along with the hi-hats but for a starters kit its good