My practice kit - could it be triggered?


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I bought a practice kit sop I could play at anytime of the day. It is jsut rubber pads.

How does teh triggereing work exacly, could I buy triggers with teh otehr hardware, and plug it up to my pc (if i wish)

Sorry for the dossy question


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yes, many folks have done just that.
check out the DIY categories in these forums for tips:

still, you'll need to be able to get the trigger signals into your PC; for that you'll need some sort of Trigger-to-midi device, like the ROland TMC6.

there's several gear options out there, but basically you'll need to be able to attach the triggers to your pads, send the trigger signals to something that can read or convert it, and then you'll need software on your PC to turn it into drum tracks. There's a lot of options there too...


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thanks very much. Thats the type of information I need, the names of the modulator and hardware. I will look into it!


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I used silicone gel to fix the triggers to the practice pads
This works great because you can peel it off when you don't need it anymore and the gel does ot hurt anything