my Pearl


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Pearl exr export kit

14 inch ludwig piccolo snare

12 inch mounted tome

14 inch mounted tom

16 inch floor tom(from a pearl deluxe editionset)

22 inch bass.

and i always crack borrow and buy new cymbals so there always changing.

Not my bass drum i was recording and i didnt have a port hole at the time so i ha to use that 1. but mine is better :)

good show

yeah i like to rock

goat is my nickname cause ill eat ne thing and i can grow a beard at the speed of light.

thats a 10year old sabian i have no clue what kind but it sounds so awesome(but theres a crack in it now :( )

the attic 1of the best places to play in arkansas.

well my drum set sounds awesome the snare is insane and the toms are soo powerful. iv heard better bass drums but mine is still pretty kicken.

if you wanna listen 1 of the songs i made go here

or here

hope you enjoy it



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Very nice but i suppose you could ditch that extra floor tom eh?? It kinda sticks out...

I do love the wrap on those EXR kits tho... they just look classy :D


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Clean wraps and a good looken set.

But what they said... Replace that floor tom :)

Also is that an Emperor-X snare head? I just tried one of those the other day and thought it was a clunky sounding head. I much prefered the Plan ol' Emperor battered.


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That looks like a regular 5" Ludwig Acrolite to me. Where's the piccolo? That's a cool set though. I'd keep the red floor tom. It's awesome!


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i have to agree with the others that the second florr tom is a little wierd and it would make the kit look better, its not all about what you have on your kit, its how you can play whats there