my Pearl SRX

break the prism

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Pearl SRX Prestige Session Select (mahogany/maple fusion)
22x18" bass
10x9", 12x9", and 14x12" toms
13x3" Pearl Piccolo steel snare
14x6" Pearl Sensitone brass snare (not shown)

Paiste Signature, Signature Prototype, and PST 5 cymbals


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Thanks for the pics. Know I know I love the finish - I have similar on my Tamas :wink:


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Kit looks amazing! But I think it might be time to upgrade your

Looks like a canvas wrapped piece of stryofoam you're sitting on, haha.

Awesome kit man, what are the exact cymbal specs?

break the prism

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in the top picture (most recent), the cymbals are:

14" PST 5 hats
16" Signature fast crash
16" Signature mellow crash
8" A splash
18" Paiste Signature prototype crash
22" Paiste Signature prototype ride

my current cymbal setup is:

14" A mastersound hats
18" A medium crash
19" K dark thin crash
16" K dark medium thin crash
8" A splash
20" K ride

i always wanted to have all paiste signatures, but i could never afford buying them, even used. so i decided to sell what i had bought (actually getting more money back then what i paid for the Prototypes). i decided to use the zildjians that came with my kit (K ride, A crash, A hats, A splash), and buy two used K crashes. i figure when i'm not saving up to put myself through school i'll buy some paistes.
other setups in between have had either an 18" or 12" Wuhan china