My Pearl and Gretsch Kits


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The crashes on the Pearl are Zildjian Z Customs- 17, 19, 20" medium. The ride is a 21" Zildjian A Custom Projection ride. 13" K/Z hats, Wuhan 18" China and Zildjian A 20" China(low)
I use that kit for a rock band I play in.

The Gretsch has K Zildjian 13" hats, 15" thin crash and 18" medium thin crash, 20" K Custom Dark ride. I use this kit for a cover/party band.


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Sweet Kits. I really like your clock. I have one too! In fact, I wonder how many drummers have one?


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I love the Pearl kit :D . What context / situation do you use the kits in? Heavier stuff for the Pearl and other styles for the Gretsch?


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I wish I had 2 kits!
I have a Gretsch, alot of people have your kit (the red one)
I have a Gretsch catalina Maple, it's amazing to me not alot have it though.


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im diggin the pearl set..although im not a big fan of pear that set looks pretty badass. I like the cymbal selection also