my pdp


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I have a pdp FS series, i bought it a local music shop here in my town. Ive had it for about a month and a half now and finally looked it up on the pdp website.

Notice the tom holders.

now look at mine.

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Also my finish is called red satin and its not offered on the site.
is mine just maybe a bit older??

&& what are F.A.S.T. sizes?


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Nice kit! PDP makes some good stuff.

bchamorro":3bobuemb said:
you have a fake pdp kit

just kidding. its an older kit. My CX had the same tom holders.
^^ Lolz, made me shit meself....


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Dose is correct, the FAST sizes are a little shallower to allow quicker excitement of the resonant head.

And as far as the RIMS mounts, Bchamorro is correct in that it's an older kit. At that point only the LX, and rare Workshop Series (PDP's predecessor), had STM mounts. The RIMS mounts are DW's old mounting style before they came up with the STM style. So, you'll see them on older DW's too.