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Hello fellow drummers!
Im new here this is my firs post so ill start by showin you my PDP CX in white onyx.

the specs are:

10" 12" 14" toms, 14" snare, 22"-18" bass drum
also i added a tama swingstar 16" floor tom wich i plan to replace with a pacific 16" floor tom as soon as possible


paiste 14" 2002 hats
sabian 16" aax dark crash
sabian 10" xs20 splash
istanbul 16" rock crash
zildjan 16" z custom crash
zildjan 20" z custom ride

there quite mixed and id prefer more if they were all of the same manufacturer wich i plan doing by switching to sabian hand hammered and aax models wich will give me that dark - bright sound combination.

The snares below are:

1. a tama 12" x 8" tom wich i modified by taking its plastic cover off and glueing a maple 1 mm ply around it and mounting snares off course. It sound really punch and im really stisfied with it.

2. a PDP 14" x 5" snare wich came with the drum

3. and my fav the Gretch vintage 14" x 6.5" with 10 bolts.

so thats it. gimme your oppinons. cant wait :D [/code]


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nice cymbals setup

nice drum setup

cool kit

and im guessing thats a glass of wine by your snares there

What happens in the practice room stays in the practice room


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Really nice kit.. and the colors beautiful... like the way it looks... remember u dont necessarily need same manufacturer cymbals... its even better ti hav different cause u get different sounds.... so ur overall sound is not too dark... but i agree with your ned for darkness in aax and hh ... i own some hand hammered and aax and they really are awesome and have a totally different feel from xs20 and other sabian series... you should also consider vault series... they sound really nice...

PS chek out my kit... tell me what u think...


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That's a White sparkle ? I have the Blue Onyx kit, though I have the 16" Floor Tom aswell. :p