My new setup


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Just having a little fun in rehearsal. I haven't played metal for a year and a half and decided to go all out!!
I think im using this for some time now!

PDP FS in Tobacco Burst.
12"tom (used as a floor tom)
14" floor tom
Roland Pd 120 as a rack tom hooked up to the SPD-S

10"Paiste Alpha splash
14"Paiste Alpha hi hats
16" Sabian Paragon Crash
16" Zildjian Z Custom Crash
17" Zildjian Z Custom Crash
18" Zildjian Z Custom Crash
18" Paiste PST3 China
20" Paiste 2002 Power Ride
20" Paiste Alpha Full Ride.

DW 5000 pedals

And yes there is a broken stick on the cymbal.....i dont play with it there. :lol:


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ive always wanted to mix acoustic and electric together. I sometimes use that as a floor tom on my left side but wanted to see how it would go as a rack tom. It works out pretty well actually i found.


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its great. its got a nice ping on the surface and sounds very heavy. The bell is loud and very defined. It can cut least my band :lol: