my new (old) Canwood kit

JT Massacre

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I found these for sale and had to get them, They are Canwood drums with 100% US Maple shells from Keller. The sizes are as follows. 10x10" Tom, 12x12" Tom, 14x14 Floor Tom, 22x18" Bass Drum (No Tom Mount), the smaller bass drum pictured under the 22" was already sold but I play single bass anyways so I wasn't too worried. Also, the toms all have shock mouned Shure Special 57's inside them.

I pick them up on monday and will be taking them into the studio next week to give them a "test run" I can't wait. My roommate is a guitar builder so we're going to refinish the drums as they have road scars. If you don't know Canwood drums they are made in Canada by Fred Pepper in Lloydminster Alberta, Canada and they sound amazing. My band played Lloydminster on our last canadian tour and Fred's son was doing sound. His dad is still making the drums on his farm and I'm very stoked to try them out.
And exactly how much did I pay for these? $400!!!! can you say hell yeah?? i thought ya could!


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So what is your plan on mounting them all and what-not? Or will you just have them to have sit around and look nice? Give us your whole lay-down on your plans for these beauties. :)


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Thanks. I've been planning on building a custom kit for myself by just ordering the shells from kellar and getting all the hardware and stuff for mounting, and the mics inside the drums look awesome. Why didn't I think of that? Could there be a potential problem with that? Anyway, the kit looks great. Good stuff man...

JT Massacre

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they will definitely not be sitting around looking pretty :D
each drum will be completely disassembled, the bearing edges cleaned of gunk, the drum shells cleaned with Windex and/or wood cleaner (also remember that Windex cures all that ails you).

All drumheads will be replaced including the resonant heads, which are often neglected. . All tuning lugs will be greased with petroleum jelly. all chrome components will be cleaned and buffed to a gloss shine with chrome polish.
The biggest job of all will be redoing the lacquer finish, which (I hope) will mask all the scratches, gouges, dings, dents, and other imperfections of the finish. My research has concluded that the restoration of the lacquer finish, without affecting the stain of the drums, is possible. This is also very risky, as I could really mess up the appearance of the drums, if I do not express due diligence where required. The end result will be -- if I may say so -- breathtaking. Luckily my roommate is a master guitar builder with his own shop so I will have someone who is very experienced with wood and finishing to help me not screw it up! I decided to keep them the same color as it fits with my band's color scheme on stage. The toms have gibraltar rack mounts but I don't want to use a rack setup as it doesn't fit in with the band's image on stage. I'll probably get a tom mount stand and use that instead.
I'm going in the studio next week so I think I'll try these out then, I leave for a western canadian tour on the 19th so I will be bringing these with us. we only have a few shows in July and August so the re-lacquering will be done then. in Sept we head out for a west coast tour, then back to canada for a canada/Midwest u.s tour.