My new drumset(pics!)


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as some of you saw in the classifieds i sold my entire pdp kit. and just got my replacement.

ive got a friend who builds custom drums and he told me hed sell me his personal kit. he is getting out of playing metal and is working on a new kit with just one bass drum. and sold it to me for a RIDICULOUS price.
its about a 2500 dollar drumset.


high grade keller maple shells, stainless lugs, rims mounting.
2 20x18 bass drums
10,12,16" toms.
he also gave me a paiste 22" power ride
sabian hats

im using 2 iron cobra singles and some shitty snare. im picking up a pearl piccolo this weekend.

in a week or so im buying 2 paiste rude crashes and 2 sabian splashes from him. and ill pick up a few wuhan chinas from guitar center.

so far i am floored by this drumset. it is SO amazing sounding, absolutely phenominal and on par with anything ive ever played.

heres a pic of my friend playing it in the hallway at the rehersal rooms i run.

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looks awesome. those are the same specs that i'm looking for in a kit...but due to finances probably won't do. but lucky you, congrats!


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a 14" would be cool, but i think i want an 8" tom next.

thanks for the replies. ill post new pics once i get my cymbals.


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thanks :)

im in love with it.

to the dude who asked about the color

its a dark black satin stain.

i need some drum cases for this thing.