My New Custom Jackson Drums


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Ok so here is my brand new custom Jackson drum kit! I used it for it's first show on Friday and it looks and sound really awesome!

Here is what I have now!

All Zildjan Cymbals, Sticks and Gloves
6 Zee Bell
8 Zee Bell
8 splash
12 "Z" splash
14 "Z" Rock Beat Hi-Hat
16 "Z" Rock Crash
17 "Z" Rock Crash
18 "Z" Rock Crash
18 "Z" Chinaboy
19 "Z" Rock Crash
21 "Z" MegaBell Ride

10x10 5ply maple tom
12x12 5 ply maple tom
14x14 5 ply maple tom
16x16 5 ply maple fl tom
20x22 5 ply maple Bass drum
6 1/2x 14 10 ply maple snare
Custom Rack System
Dw 7000 double pedal
Dw hardeware(Hi-Hat, Snare stands and boom arms)
Roc n Soc Throne

Hope you like! I know I love it!



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The finish looks stunning! :) I'm lovin it. Bet those babies sound huge(12x12!) On the other hand I'm not shure if I like that rack. It'd look better in chrome in my opinion.

PS - post cymbal specs


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Thanks Loop it does sound very huge, and I did try the rack chrome first and it took away from the kit, I also tried black as well and only the purple rack looked the best so that's why I went with that! Thanks for the comments and the cymbal configurations are up now as well!