My New Custom Jackson Drums


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Ok so here is my brand new custom Jackson drum kit! I used it for it's first show on Friday and it looks and sound really awesome!
Here is what I have now!
All Zildjan cymbals, Sticks, Gloves
10x10 5ply maple tom
12x12 5 ply maple tom
14x14 5 ply maple tom
16x16 5 ply maple fl tom
20x22 5 ply maple Bass drum
6 1/2x 14 10 ply maple snare
Custom Rack System
Dw 7000 double pedal
Dw hardeware(Hi-Hat, Snare stands and boom arms)
Roc n Soc Throne

Hope you like! I know I love it!



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very nice. love the finish. the flames are nice. the powdercoated rack makes me wana do that haha.but maybe not that color.i really like the sizes of the drums. they are all POWER sizes, except for the bass. i bet that kit sounds nice