My Mapex Orion


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Hey guys, well here's a couple shots of my kit from a few months ago. It was at a video shoot so there's a few cymbals left off to eliminate clutter!


Mapex Orion in Burl Maple
Antique Ivory w/ black hardware

10x8", 12x9, 14x14, 16x16
14x5.5" snare; 22x20" BD

17 Sabian HHX Evolution crash
16 Sabian HHX Stage Crash
10 Sabian Evo. splash
14 Sabian HH Groove hats

17 Zildjian A Custom Proj. crash
10 Zildjian A splash
10 Zildjian splash (I bought it used, without markings....very fast and very dry)
20 Zildjian low china

12 Wuhan china (combined with 10 zil. splash to create a expendable stack)

Iron Cobra pedals (although I can feel a new pair of Tricks on the way!)

Additional snares: Dark Horse Custom Percussion 20-ply 14x6.5" vented snare in white marine pearl with "Buddy Rich" inspired striping and badges. (should be here in a couple of weeks!!!)

DHCP 10x5" "popcorn" aux snare. (Also in the works!)

I hope you enjoy!