My Ludwigs

Hey! Ive been reading posts here for awhile, thought I'd show everyone my kit, and ask for some feedback what you want to give.

here are some pics of it I just took with my cell phone, sorry if its hard to see, the specs are below..

You cant see my china there..

Side View

Front View Band Bass Logo of Course..

Makin some adjustments before a toms were obnoxiously tilted :oops:

The set was an awesome christmas present.
Im only a teen so I work with what I got and what Ive collected over the years.
Ive heard people say with the kind of skins I got and cymbals I own and I make it sound better than people with..expensive gear so thats a good compliment :D

and now the specs are..
15" Snare
10" Rack Tom
12" Rack Tom
14" Floor Tom
16" Floor Tom
22" Bass

Zildjians are ZBT's
14" Hi Hat 16" Crash 20" Ride 18" China

my other cymbals are a
Sabian B8 Splash, an Argent Crash (came with a kit, I love its sound), and my personal favorite
20" Istanbul flat ride, picked it up for 120 from a drum show, Love it!

the double pedal is a 99 dollar one i begged my mom for off ebay. its something I could afford.
the heads are the ones that came with the kit :( Bummer I know but I spend all the money I got on Pro Mark sticks :D
Hopefully I can reskin it soon.

oh yeah sidenote..the ride on my left is for when I play open handed and want to hit a ride instead of my hi hat. I play both cross and open handed but I prefer open handed alot.
but yeah, those are my ludwig cs customs.
thanks for the comments!
sorry its taken me forever to write back.
Yeah I really love this set.
My bass drum head says
"Momentary Lapse"
Name of my band, you can check out us out here.

About the pedals..
sadly to say, I dont know what kind they are.
they're the only double bass pedals I could ask my parents to chip the money out for
got em on ebay for 100 bucks .
they're not the greatest.
but i make em work :)