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Here are some pictures of my kit. It's an entry level 5-piece. CB Percussion. But I think it sounds decent with the new heads and the hardware upgrades/add-ons. Plus, I just bought a new PDP 14" x 5.5" maple snare to replace the steel one I've been using. Let me know what you think! Oh, the pics were taken from my phone so they're kinda blurry, but you can still see my gear ok.

10" Zildjian Splash
12" Zildjian Flash Splash
13" Zildjian Hats
14" Zildjian Crash
18" Zildjian Crash/Ride
18" Zildjian China

12" x 10" Rack tom
13" x 11" Rack tom
14" x 5" Steel Snare
14" x 5.5" PDP Maple Snare(My new toy!)
16" x 16" Floor tom
22" x 16" Bass

Other stuff:
Pearl, Tama, and Gibralter Hardware
Remo Ambassador Heads
RhythmTech tambourine on Pearl Single Pedal
LP Salsa Cowbell on Pearl Single Pedal
LP Mounted Cowbell
LP Jamblock High Pitch(blue)
LP Jamblock Low Pitch(red)
LP Djembe
Can't forget the Zebra Rug!


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Yes, this is my first and only set-up. Not bad for initially spending only $130 for just the shells. Entry level or not, they sound nice given the quality. What you see is six years worth of upgrading and spending. I replaced all the lugs and tension rods. Of course replaced the heads(about four or five times over) and upgraded my pedal, hi-hat stand, snare stand, and cymbal stands. The pedals for the tambourine and salsa cowbell are borrowed from a friend who doesn't play anymore.

Oh, the LP Djembe was in my car when I took these pictures because I had an acoustic gig that evening at the local coffee shop. No, they wouldn't allow me to set up even a scaled down, four piece version of my kit...


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not bad at all. I'm sure it sounds great after replacing the lugs/rods and such. good luck with everything.


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xrftsx":37jvw2an said:
thats pretty tight im digging the finish :eek:
Yea it's a pretty cool red wrap that came with the drums. But seeing as they were used, the wrap is a little beaten up. Plus the guy that had them before I bought them put some stickers over the wrap, so I'm saving up to refinish them.