My kit


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Things have changed since my first pics, so here ya go.

PDP x7

sabian aa tight ride
sabian aa 16 bright crash
saluda 22 inch china
agazarian 12 inch splash
wuhan 10 inch splash(cracked)
amatis kraslice 14 inch hihats
tama iron cobra powerglide

aquarian studio x powerdot
remo coated ambassador
remo powerstroke (or something like that)

sound percussion 2b's



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Jimbob - When it's crashed its so powerful, dark, and trashy. But it's a 22" china, how could it not be?

bb253 - The aquarians tune up well. I really don't know how to describe how heads sound, since they can be tuned a million different ways. I'll just say you can get them to sound any way you want them to :D . I go for a slightly higher than average sound, and it was incredibly easy to achieve.

It's true what they say aboud the powerdot, it does significantly lengthens life of the head. the heads I had before these were the aquarian studio x without the powerdot, and those heads were out in 4 months. the powerdot version I have on now is 6 months old and are still doing fine.

sunoanbuki - ya, it's pretty awesome :mrgreen: . I feel like a noob saying this, but I ordered it cus I liked the color :roll: luckily, it sounded good anyway.


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I have just bought my new mapex saturn in cosmic krush and I get it in two days time cant wait!!!! I will post pics asap :)