My kit


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Tama Rockstar custom in custom mahogany laquer finish
2-22 inch Bass drums-aqarian super kick 2 heads
12,13,rack toms
16,18 Floor toms
Remo pinstripe heads
14 inch wood snare-Remo ambassador wheather king head

14 inch Zildjian A custom high hats
16 inch Zildjian A Thin crash
16 inch zildjian A medium thin crash
18 Zildjian A crash ride
18 Zildjian A Medium Crash
21 Zildjian Rock ride
18 inch Sabian AAX china
10 inch Sabian AAX splash

2-DW 5000 kick pedals
Ridge rider cow bell

Thats about all i can think of right now.


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cool kit,

personally I'm amazed at the amount of duct tape on those bottom heads, when in the studio I've used small amounts of tape and tissue to slightly muffel my heads, but having to put 4 feet of tape on my heads would lead me to think I might need to retune em'

I've seen lots of cases of this on both cymbals and heads, and in my experience taping cymbals litteraly kills the cymbal, but it seems pretty common.

it is t a large venue thing, or to Accomodate certian mic's?


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not sure why the tape bro.. doesn't look good on the drums. Try tuning the bottoms slightly tighter then the tops. You shouldn't have to do anything to the bottoms. And if it's ringing your trying to control use moon gels on the batter heads they solve the problem without killing the drum.