My kit with new Wuhan and Soundcaster Custom splash!


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Hi Guys! I'm New here and I want to post my kit!



Toms: 8x10", 9x12".
Floor Toms: 12x14", 14x16".
Snares: 5x14", 6x10".
Bassdrum: 18x22"


14" Zildjian ZXT Titanium Rock Hi-Hat

16" Zildjian A Custom Projection Crash

16" Sabian AAX Metal Crash

17" Zildjian K Dark Crash Thin Brilliant

18" Sabian ProSonix China

10" Bell

12" Sabian AAX Splash

20" Zildjian Z Custom China

20" Zildjian ZXT Titanium Rock Ride

10" Meinl Classics Medium Hi-Hat

8" Meinl SoundCaster Custom Splash

12" Wuhan Lion China



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That looks so sweet. I got a whole bunch of Wuhan cymbals off ebay for £150 with a cymbal bag not realising that my set would cause £550 new :D