My Kit setup! Haven't been here in like 8 years lol


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Current Drum Setup

Drums: Pearl VX Vision

Birch/Basswood, in Jet Black
1. 22x18 Bass Drum (tuned as low as it goes before it wrinkles)
2. 14x6.5 Pearl Session Studio Classic Snare Drum in Piano Black (tuned to a C#)
3. 14x5.5 Steel Sensitone Snare Drum in custom Nasty Black Paint Drip Finish (tuned to a C#)
4. 12x9 Tom (tuned to an A)
5. 13x10 Tom (tuned to a F#)
6. 16x16 Floor Tom (tuned to a B)

Cymbals Paiste Alpha and 2002

A. 14" Alpha Metal Edge Top/ Alpha Sound-Edge Bottom Hi-Hats
B. 18" 2002 Wild Crash
C. 19" 2002 Wild Crash
D. 20" Alpha Metal Crash Cymbal used as Ride and some crashing
E. 18" Alpha Rock China

Hardware: Pearl

Pearl BC-900 Convertible Boom Cymbal stand
Pearl BC-930 Convertible Boom Cymbal Stand
Pearl C-930 Straight Cymbal Stand
Pearl C-930 Straight Cymbal Stand
Pearl H930 Demonator Hi-Hat Stand
Pearl P-3002D Eliminator Demon Drive Double Pedal with two Demoncore wood beaters and two felt beaters
ROC~N~SOC Lunar Series Gas Lift Drum Throne w/Backrest

Drumheads: Evans with Level 360 Technology

Evans Black Chrome drumheads on rack toms, and the floor tom. G1 Clear drumheads as resonant heads on all toms and the floor tom. HEAVYWEIGHT and EC Reverse Dot Snare drumheads and on both snare drums. Hazy 300 resonant head on the snare side of both snare drums. HEAVYWEIGHT EMAD 2-ply batter head on bass drum with 2 Evans AF Patches.

Drumsticks: Vater

Modified Vater Fatback 3A Nylon tip drumsticks with felt handles ( for most drumming), modified Vater 5A Nylon tip Drumsticks with felt handles (for church drumming/praise and worship), Vater Signature Chad Smith's Funk Blaster Drumsticks, Vater West Side Sticks (backup), Vater Mike Wengren Signature Sticks (for heavy practicing), Vater XD-Rock (backup), modified GOODWOOD 2B drumstick known as the "Phat Phelt Mallet", modified Vater Whip Specialty Sticks with felt handles, modified Vater Acoustick Specialty Sticks with felt handles, Vater Wire Tap Retractable brushes, and the Vic Firth Signature Steve Gadd Brushes


Three Vater Slick Nut Quick-Release Cymbal Fasteners, One Vater Glow in the Dark Skull Slick Nut Quick-Release Cymbal Fastners, Sound Percussion Short Flanged Cymbal Sleeves and Thick Felts, Puresound Custom Pro Steel Snares (13" and 14",both 20 Strand), a 22" Paiste Pro Cymbal Bag, Kaces Razor Clear PVC Master Carrier drum bags, Gator bass drum bag, and Kickport Bass Drum Acoustics Maximizer (Gold)