My Kit - PDP EZ

It's an old PDP EZ set that I got in '04. Very low-end, very cheap...

Note : They're kept out in a shed in my backyard, hence the mess

16" x 22" bass; Evans E-mad 2 batter, Evans EQ3 reso
10" x 12" mounted tom; Remo Pinstripe batter, factory reso
11" x 13" floor tom (on Gibraltar Snare Stand); Remo Pinstripe batter, factory reso
16" x 16" floor tom; Aquarian Powerstroke 2 batter, factory reso
5"(?) x 14" generic snare (original snare broke and I got this snare free from my uncle); Evans Genera HD batter, factory reso

Cymbals -

14" Zildjian ZBT Crash
14" Paiste 101 Hi-Hats (Sound horrible)
18" Paiste 101 Crash/Ride (My fav. cymbal)
16" Sabian Sonar used Crash (On a homemade cymbal stand)

I really need a new set but still, whatcha' think?


New member
Nice homemade cymbal stand. Very creative :lol: Other than that, the set looks pretty good. I use coated G2's, and I love 'em, but not everyone likes 'em. For a starter set, I think it looks great. Congrats dude, and keep on rockin'.