My kit....on video!


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Wow dude great stuff you got there i liked it a lot. One small suggestion is maybe just a little angle down on your tom toms though i am not a fan of bloody batman tom angles!!! It would be a good idea just for ease of fills but otherwise great playing and great kit sound you got there i might have to check one of those babies out for the price and how good they sound!

Edit: I just watched it again and im still very impressed with it. The only thing i really have to tell you is to put more power into your kicks when going really fast because their inaudible but i see your getting there well. I'm actually considering purchasing one of these kits now because i dont have a lot to spend but great stuff and keep on drummin!


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The only thing I could give advice on, is when you go and do doubles on your two rack toms, to try to keep your elbow in and keep your arm and hand from turning to a weird angle. I used to do that, and since I've tried correcting it, it feels much better, and smoother.

I like the look of your setup, and the drums sound good dude.

Very nice job.
Thanks for the compliments. I used to putting my toms at the angle though now. I used to have them leaned alot before but I just got used to the way they are now. Makes it easier for me to go across them. I normally play smoother though when I'm playing with band too.


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Yeah, I understand what you mean. I'm not a big solo drummer, I like to play with a band, and try to compliment the music.

You definitely look comfortable playing though, and you got them to sound good, so great job, haha.
yeah, the toms thing tilted just a teeny weeny little bit, but other than that it was awesome. im not a very good drummer, but i did like it, and i like my toms tilted so yeah


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i noticed a couple timing issues throughout the fills but nothing too bad. other than that, id really like to hear you just crank out a beat and not have to clutter every single measure with tom fills. video sounds pretty good but i played a set of those and even tuned decently the drums had no resonance...maybe it was a fluke set but i didnt like it. the look really cool though, and the bass drum is a beast. and i like that snare, id like to own some kind of brass snare someday.