My gorgeous Pearl Masters MMP (lt.ed) kit!


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Thorsteinn":rmddotob said:
That is a beautiful set, and I am really impressed with the set-up even though I am not particular to Pearls. Must be an absolute joy to play.
Thanks a lot for the overwhelming words! And yes, I can assure you; I just luuuv playing it! :p


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I'm coming back to this thread just to look at your kit again. I had no idea they offered the masters like that. I'v always loved the redline reference. That kit is just retarded. I cant believe how F****** awesome it looks. its just ridiculous. I almost want to say I'll trade you for my kit :shock:


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Drumosaurus":2plg9i07 said:
I'm gonna guess that since you're from norway you play metal, right?
Haha, yup. All drummers in Norway play metal. But only black metal that is.

No, for real.. I play a lot of metal, but also lots of other genres.. Diversity is the trick! I think I am what you can call a progressive drummer....


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Very nice and brilliant kit bro. The Pearl Masters Premium Series offers the discerning player precision, beauty, innovation and options. This special order series is available in your choice of 4 ply or 6 ply 100% Maple or 100% Birch shells and also features upgraded low-mass aluminum OptiMounts, Masterworks & Reference class bass drum spurs, bass drum claws, floor tom legs and leg brackets.

All Masters Premium drums feature their new "Golden Ratio" air vents for improved low-end response. All shells are constructed using our exclusive SST Superior Shell Technology manufacturing process. Pearls' goal is to create the best sounding drums possible and SST assures that all shells are perfect acoustic chambers for amazing sound.

Pearl’s finishes are the industry state-of-the-art. The ultra high-gloss lacquer finishes are encased in layers of highly durable urethane and painstakingly polished to a high luster, producing gorgeous drums worthy of a double-take.

With Pearl’s MasterCast Die-Cast Hoops, ultra lightweight OptimMount Suspension System, Bridge-Type Masters Lugs and revolutionary Golden Ratio Air Vents, Masters Premium drums are the highest quality Masters drums ever.