My gigging kit

The Heel

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Its an old birch set of Premeirs... with a decent amount of roadwear (10 years of roadwear)... but I still love them.

Kit: 22-16 Kick, 10 up top, 12 and 16 hanging toms, Mapex 5 1/4x14 black chrome black panther. However in these pictures I am using my Ludwig Supraphonic (Same size) snare instead.

Cymbals: Dark K Custom 14" hi-hats, 10 and 12 inch A custom splashes, 14 and 16" A Custom crashes, 17" Dark K Custom crash, 18" Dark K China, 22" A Custom Ping ride.



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Very nice man. I have like the same set. The bridge lugs are nice. You don't see to many of those around. Also it is tough to find parts for them anymore. Do you know anywhere to find Premier parts? Specifically tension rods?

Nice man.