My (Ghetto) Yamaha Kit


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Baby not included

Yamaha Rydeen- 12x9 rack tom, 14x14 floor tom CB 700 snare and 16x16 floor tom.(Not Shown) yamaha 10x8 rack tom

Zildjian- Yamaha by zildjian 20" Ride and 14" Hi-Hats ZXT 16" Medium-thin crash 18" ZBT Crash/Ride

This is my first kit and this picture was taken about a Four months ago, but I've changed alot on it, Like I got rid of the ghetto dampening system (I don't dampen them at all know) and I got rid of the stock heads along with the 16x16 floor tom and replaced them with evans G2 coated heads.

I'm Broke but as soon as I get some cash I'm gettin new gear.


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The kid makes me laugh at this picture every time! Very nice set though. Looks very similar to mine; I think your sizes are a bit larger. I'll bet that thing sounds nice!