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my floor tom hums extremely bad now, it sounds like a trash can and buzzes everytime i hit it...ive tuned it tight, ive tuned it loose and any thing in between...what can i do?


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What floor tom is it? what brand and what size? also what heads are you using for the batter and resonant, the right tuning should fix it...but some things can be a little harder, tryed using moongels?


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There can also be a crack in the wood vibrating
(slim chance)-


The colour cover may be loose. You may also want to
check the emblem (metal piece that says what brand name),
the air hole and all other pieces of hardware on it.

If that does not help, take it apart/clean it- have other
humans look at it.

I actually had a very similar problem- all of these steps somehow
cured it.


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Well depending on what kind of shell/company it is you might want to take the batter and the resonant head of and tap on them with a stick and they should have a full tone or have a musical tone to them. If they sound like crap or have no tone and just make a bad noise when you tap them it's time for new heads. If they sound fine just tune the top and bottom heads to the same pitch. It could also be your head combo. Moongels are good but wont fix the problem if the head is bad or if your tuning is off.


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I taped a bit of an old remo pinstripe to the top clear ambassador head on my floor tom and it sounds awesome, really punchy. Depends what sound you're going for I guess.


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Loosin both skins, untill they r tight enough not to have ripples in them, then sit the drum on ur knee or sumfin so, the bottom skin is pressed against sumfin then tune the top skin to the tone u want! then put the drum bk on its stand and listen to wt it snds like, tune the bottome skin to see how the sound improves!, if it is boomy! just dampin it, with ur dampining method! i use paper towels and duck tape, sounds great


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What works for me is you tune both heads up the same pitch pretty high ( like where nobody would play a floor tom ) and the push on them quite a bit, and they should loosen. After that VERY slowly and gradually loosen the heads to get that thud. And make sure you have good heads. that half the battle. ( and a little muffling doesnt hurt ) :D


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hmmmm.... if you can, check and see if the bearing edges are level/even. If you have a bad/cracked/uneven/warped bearing edge (especially on the batter side), it can be next to impossible to get rid of the "buzz" (without totally killing your sound). Or, like some of the others have said, the only other reasons you may have "buzz" is from a head that has de-laminated or separated from the edge. You may also want to check and see if your shell is "in-the-round" (meaning it has not warped from round to slightly oval).

A round shell with good bearing edges and quality heads should not buzz... I would even go so far as to let another drummer take a look at it and give a second opinion.

Hope that helps.......



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I spent 45 minutes yesterday on the same problem. I took my floor tom(16") completely apart. I retuned the batter and resonant heads. I sat down to play and still had the same problem. Then I realized what the buzz was. My old snare was on the floor next to my floor tom. I felt like an idiot.


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Make sure that the drum is tuned properly for one. Also check the rims and shells for flaws such as cracks or warping. If it is a vibration from the heads try some dampening rings or moon gels.


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I take my drums apart and look inside the lugs
If the lugs use springs, then I stick cotton balls inside the lugs before putting them back on again
Loose hardware is an inevitability
That is one o the most obvious sources of unwanted noise
Tighten all that stuff up


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if you are really having trouble i'd say buy the remo mufflers an use them on the bottom side of the tom they work magic with a remo pinstripe on top sounds godly so yea try that their not to much but yea 20 bucks would cover you for a small tom an little tom to match the sounds