My Floor Tom Fell Out The Back Of A Truck: Spares or Repair?


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As the title says travelling along yesterday when my 16 x 16" floor tom from a 1999 Pearl ELX drum fell out the back of a truck and hit the road. Both hoops are bent, and the heads have a crease or two too. I've checked the drum it's self for roundness and seems OK, I simply cut a drum stick down to the inside diameter size of the drum and checked from each lug box how snugly it fitted, at most there was 1 & a 1/2 mil play. Maybe if U put fully round hoops back on it will help correct it over time?

I Think the soft case, then the hoops and then the head must have taken most of the impact, I know these drums were made 99.9% round as pearl have a good system for the manufacture of toms and in the 7 years I've owned the kit have had vbery few problems so entierely trust Pearls manufcature. However I wonder if anyone thinks I should try and replace the tom tom all together or whether the new heads and rims would sort it out. Even though I am insured getting a new tom could be difficult due to the fact this is a many times updated model and I've rarely seen a floor tom sold seperately on ebay especially in the green mist colour my kit is. I love the kit and do want to hold on to it so any advice would be much appreciated. Cheers

ps a cheap place to get hoops and heads from would be some good advice too (preferably UK or America if shipping it in is cost effective enough)


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your shell is fine if its that close, and with wood shells it will round itself out enough as you tune it. you can get new rims at,, or for pretty cheap, or you could probably go to your local drum shop or music store and see what it would cost to get a couple new rims through them. heres some links to the hoops pages: hoop&-new