My first Crash, real HH and Ride


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Hi everyone. After reading a lot about cymbals on this forum I decided to add my first post.

Before I post all my questions i must say I'm a pure beginner and I don't have much money, maximum of maximum of 300euros (like 300$).

Here's the thing. Recently (2 weeks) I brought my all time first drum set (pearl forum) just because me and 3 friends decided to create a band.
The objectives are to play some covers, soft things, nothing like metal or too heavy rock. Something like Pink Floyd, Sweet Home Alabama, Johny be Good, James - Sit Down, Red Hot, Robert Palmer, Mr Robinson, etc.

The set came with 14" HitHats and 20" Crash/Ride from Pearl. Obviously these cymbals are crap, i don't like the sound, it's too hard, there's no softness. My prior objective is to buy a pure crash, HitHats and last a Ride. On this forum most of people say we should buy good second hand cymbals instead of new starter sets for beginners at low prices. The truth is that I'm no pro and i just want something to give some good small concerts in a near future. At same time I'm a person that like's a minimum quality products.

What do you guys recommend for a crash (size, model, thin, medium, fusion, rock,bla bla bla....) and for hithats (size, fusion, etc, etc)? I know that we choose what we ear, but can you guys give me some generally opinion considering my begging state and band objectives. Soft Music! Some Rock! My priority is crash, the rest i can hold the ones I have until I have more money or experience.

I have no idea what to choose, Sabian, ZildJian looks the fine for me but i never saw them i never heard them. Just heard on youtube or in some other place.

I've heard also the Istanbul Alchemy ART.

And this one:

Samatya Set 20"R, 16"Cr, 14"HiHat ... =OfferList

Please give me some feedback. Thanks




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I've played on Sabian B8's and they sound pretty decent for cheap cymbals. They could be good of what your looking for. You can get a pack that comes w/ hihat, ride, and a crash I don't know how much $ though.


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I can find B8 for 200euros and PST 5 for 350euros, it looks like they're almost the same (material) and have a good price difference between them.

I've been considering for some time de B8, but then i saw the Istanbul Samatya Set 20"R, 16"Cr, 14"HiHat. These ones cost 300euros and are B20 alloy.....

Their not so famous as de B8 or PST 5 but they look great....

Any experience on that?

I can also invest in a unique Cymbal, the crash first and continue playing with those low low class pearl HH and Ride/Crash. Do you guys think its a good idea to buy for example a Zildjian A 16" Crash (is this a good size and sound cymbal for my proposes?) and join him to my Pearl Cymbals or should I buy one of these starter sets and later think on a slow cymbal upgrade. I was thinking on the Sabian AA Crash (i say AA and not AAX because AA are more discrete from what i've read. The sounds its darkest and less loud). Maximum of 200 euros (200$).

What you guys think?



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we can't tell you exactly what YOU should do with your money.

Me personally wud go wit a full starter setup if your jus beginning

that Istanbul setup sounds tasty

if you feel you can jus upgrade over time with a pro cymbal one at a time then go 4 it. jus dont expect your low low class cymbals 2 b abl 2 stand up 2 quality of like say an AA crash
othrwise look in2 a full setup 2 begin with

when it comes between Zildjian nd Sabian. Sabian gets my vote....however i use Meinl cymbals exclusively (apart frm zildjian hihats *shudders*)

my $0.02


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That set of Istanbul's looks very nice. I'm a big fan of the Agop's. I've never heard the set you linked, but they look very nice. If there was a way for you to hear them first, I would recommend going that route, but if that's not an option, go with your gut. My instincts tell me that a set of Istanbul's for 300 Euros is a pretty sweet deal. Good luck.


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Even though the sets you listed use the same alloy, the hammering, lathing, and other processes that go into making the cymbals are what make them sound so different.

I would go with the pst5 (I use some of them), but if you really like the Istanbul's go with those.


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I'll try to find a way to test those tree sets, B8, PST5 and the Istanbul.

If there's any more opinions please shoot...

Thanks for the answers.



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The Istanbul series make me confuse... There so many different companies making those cymbals. Mehmet, Alchemy...

Can someone please explain me how is Istanbul cymbals divided?


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azorane":eragi23r said:
The Istanbul series make me confuse... There so many different companies making those cymbals. Mehmet, Alchemy...

Can someone please explain me how is Istanbul cymbals divided?
istanbul cymbals are split into 2 series, agop and mehmet. alchemy is an entirely different brand.


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What size of crash should I choose for a "universal" play and considering that's my first crash. Should I choose a Rock crash or a thiner one?