My Export goin' on 7 years


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Unfortunately this is not a completely updated pic of my set. This was as of last year around Christmas. But the specs for it at the time of this pic are as follows: (not sure of tom depths)

14" snare
10" tom
14" floor tom
22x18 bass drum

cymbals from left to right
13" AA hi-hats
18" Z Custom rock crash
14" Zildjian crash
10" Sabian AA Rocktagon splash
14" Sabian B8 crash
16" Sabian B8 Pro crash
20" Zildjian rock ride

double pedal upgraded to a DW5000

(changes since the pic):
The 18" crash was removed and replaced by the 16". In the place of the 16" i added an 18" Zildjian ZBT china. The two 14" crashes were switched and the B8 was moved to right over the hi-hat. In its place I added a Meinl Gen. X 14" filter china.