My Drums: Ayotte Custom and Rogers


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Beautiful. Just beautiful. While the snare rack is just amazing, I can't stop drooling over that green sparkle bop kit.


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The Green Glass Glitter set is a 1980 Rogers XP8 eight ply all maple rebuild. The snare drum is a 1969 Slingerland 6 lug maple in original color. Untouched.

16x18 BD, 8x12, 14x14, Recovered in Green Glass Glitter. 5.5x14 Snare drum

Drums have been retrofitted with Rogers PAT PEND Swivomatic Cleveland era tom mount, bd mount, telescoping cymbal mount, tom arm, BD spurs and mounts, and Fullerton eral Floor tom mounts.

The Pink Ripple set... is a 1964 Rogers in 9.9/10 condition, 14x20, 8x12, 16x16 in Wine Red Ripple. All original except for heads. Shown with a 1967 Seven Line Rogers COB Dynasonic 5x14.

And theres more ... if you want to see them.

1966 drummer

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Love em both...Rogers Holiday 20, 12, 14 was my first kit, I want it back. My kit now is an Ayotte the Ayottes just as much.