My Double Bass Pedals and HiHat Stand Doesn't mix

I am a semi-pro/standard drummer, but I'm struggling with a problem. I've never used Double Bass Pedals, and I love having my HiHat Stand almost right next to me? Can I see pictures or hear ideas about what to do? AAAaaa!! :x


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You didn't say what kind of double pedal and hi-hat stand you have. Shalaq is right with his arrangement, though. Another suggestion would be to invest in a hi-hat stand that is either a two-legged model, or a three-legged model with a swiveling footboard. That makes positioning much easier.


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Shalaq":3f0kmh2v said:
Arrange your pedals like this:
Main kick, hihat, slave kick. That's about it :]
I had the same problem, I arranged my pedals exactly the way Shalaq says here and it worked perfectly

If not then look for two leg hi-hat stands or stands that have a swiveling pedal


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I love my DW cable hi hat because I can put the pedal and the stand anywhere
Another thing you can do is to pull the legs up and clamp the hi hat stand to another stand


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In addition to the ideas already mentioned:
clamp the hit-hat stand to your bass drum hoop
get a smaller diameter snare (maybe like a 12"x7") to bring your feet in closer which allows your hi-hat to move closer.
if it's a problem, rearrange your rack toms so the hi-hat is closer.

I've used every idea on here except for the remote cable hi-hat and and two leg stand and I've been pretty happy with all of them.

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yep i agree with connect it to your bass drum with legs closed you can then get it as close as you want...

I have a hi-hat/slave bass pedal goin' on. It's made by Mapex. You slide the pedal over from hi-hat to slave bass. It saves a ton of space and this way, I never have to switch pedals.


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wat i do is i loop my kick around the leg of my hats so they remain fairly close to me and there is about a millimeter gap that my foot needs to make to start on my double kick, try that, works every time, so all it is, is ur hat pedle ur second kicker and then the leg of ur hat stand, make it so the leg goes over the bass pedle, that way ur hats r siting nice and tight aswell

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lol i just do hat slave main lol (left to right). normal and easy way to everything. i got used to my hat being far away, in fact, it feels strange if the hat is too close now lol