My ddrum Dominion Ash kit.


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Here is my pride and joy, I love this kit, here are the specs.
I currently play on a 5 pc ddrum Dominion Ash w/ walnut gloss finish.<p>
Drum Sizes are<p>
14x5.5 snare
and 22x20 kick.<p>
I use Zildjian & wuhan Cymbals, they have never let me down, and I love the sound they produce, I have the following.<p>
My Cymbals are
1-Set of 14" New Beat Hats,
1-Set of 13” ZBT Hats,
1-6” A Custom Splash,
1-8" A Custom Splash,
1-10" A Custom Splash,
1-12" Wuhan China,
1-14” Wuhan China,
1-20" K Custom Ride,
1-18" A Custom Medium Thin Crash,
1-16" Wuhan S Series Medium thin crash,
1-16" A Custom Projection Crash<p>
My Hardware & percussion
I currently use ddrum Agenda 300 Series Hardware, Tama Hardware, and Gibraltar Hardware. I use Evans G2 Drumhead's on my Toms & Snare, and Evan's EMAD On my Kick, I also use Yamaha flying dragon direct drive Dbl pedal, Ahead 5A stick, Vic Firth 5A extreme wood Sticks and Baja percusssion Bongos and Cowbell.<p>