my current band -entropy-


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I'm in a band called Entropy. This is my 4th band, but my 1st as the drummer, I was a guitarist in my other bands. I've only been playing drums for a little over 2 years and I'm not really dedicated when it comes to practice. We're sort of a punk rock, rock, doom influenced band. We play different kinds of music, ranging from straight up fast punk to more rock 'The Sword'-influenced stuff.

You can hear our stuff at

There are 3 vocalists in the band. Johnny(me/drums), Dave (bass) and Thomas (2nd guitar). On the songs you see there, I sing on Dark Passenger and On the Edge (rough cut). The cover of On the Edge was done by my cousin and did not involve any of the band playing (hence why it sounds so much better, ha!). Dave sings on Lambs to the Slaughter and the Misfits cover and currently we don't have anything uploaded with Thomas singing. Thomas happens to be the best vocalist out of the 3.

Hope we dont make your ears bleed too much.
It's pretty good man. It's not that you're bad, it's that this site is DEAD. Check out Most of the people who were on there are over there now.