My basic kit...


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I thought i should just post my kit to see what u guys think... i'm guessing a pretty poor overall impression - i don't really see the point in buying a really expensive kit and getting more cymbals than i have brain cells since i live next to old neighbours thus limiting my playing time.

electronics perhaps?.. this old chappy thinks so (once i can afford 'em) :?

Kit - Session Pro (fusion kit)

10", 12" toms
14" floor tom
14" snare
Various stickers on toms, smiley faces and the like... :D

Cymbals - Sabian pro sonix

14" hihats
16" crash
20" ride

What's the word?

craig :wink:


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Overall pretty nice, I'm not a big a fan of Black Wraps and laquers. The cymbals are pretty nice, I like the Prosonix line, my china is superb.



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Thanks for your comments guys!

Joi":29l1lh82 said:
I'm not a big a fan of Black Wraps and laquers
Actually the kit is a reddish-maroon colour, the lightin' aint to brilliant. :?


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nice kit man... dont have to replace it man... consider expanding on cymbals.. little more variety of sound wouldn't harm you... take care