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Heey guys, i'm new to this forum so I wanted to add my bands to the list too.

First one is called Fenris. It's a melodicblackmetal-band who is inspired by bands like, Enslaved, Dissection, Sear Bliss, Emperor and so on. The band has released 1 demotape and 2 full-lenght albums. I only play along on the last one, since i'm already their third drummer in the 10 years that the band excists.
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The other one is called The Darkest Red. And this has no connection to The agony scene what so ever. We play metal, by some people called metalmosh, by some metal core, and a bunch of others say it's like old In flames. So I say it's metal. We've only released one demo-cd with 3 songs. This lousy discography is due to several line-up changes and a chronicle lack of cash.

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