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hey all

just a quicky to tell ya about my current projects, both located in sheffield, england
which is highly unfortunate, down to the fact that sheffield is now indie central, and hasnt got the time for metal

the first of which is a death metal band (not oldschool death, slightly more modern, and we are heading in the direction of technical death metal with some of the new material we are writing)
check them out @

none of the new stuff is on there yet, as we have none recorded, we are in the writing phase of the new material, and its taking its sweet time, we are hoping to get it all done for the end of the year to release the album before chistmas (we have spent a good few months writing complex messiah, which is without doubt, our most complicated track to date, and apparently, none of the remaining tracks will be as hard to write

now for the hardcore / metal / thrash / whatever band (im crap at knowing what labels to put on music, as everyday, emo's seem to create a new genre, just t be different) anyway, kinda like fear factory meets chimaira for the drums, fear factory meets killswitch for guitar (with some megadeth in there for good measure) and vocals are like chimaira plus emo :)

check us out @

ignore the shit quality recordings on our page, they all went wrong, dont ask me, i didnt produce it, but theres no fuckin toms in the mix, the bass guitar is AFK, and there is in general not enough bass in the entire mix, far too much treble

we are also in the writing process, with recordings scheduled for february and april, to hopefully get 4 tracks in total down, to make for our first sellable EP (with the old stuff on there for free cos its shit, makin it 7 upto tracks)

anyway, check em out, if you're around when we have gigs, come see us, we generally better live (well faster for maggot, and step aside just dont sound as shit as that recording)